When Prince Charles and Princess Diana made a clean breast about their marital woes, it worried Queen Elizabeth. The Queen wanted them to fix their marriage, and she wanted them to do it for one important reason.

Queen Elizabeth’s main concern when it comes to Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s imminent separation at the time did not have anything to do with either his son or his wife. She was mainly concerned about how their unhappy marriage might affect her grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry.

Princess Diana started to acknowledge their marital problems after she gave birth to Prince Harry in 1984. However, she did not want her children to grow up in a broken family, so she decided to endure everything until she reached her breaking point in 1992.

When Queen Elizabeth first learned about Princess Diana’s plan to break free, she tried to convince the Princess of Wales many times to reconsider her decision. In his 2011 biography “William And Catherine,” royal biographer Andrew Morton revealed that Queen Elizabeth talked to Princess Diana regarding the matter many times.

“When Diana discussed the impending separation with the Queen, the boys’ grandmother spoke for many when she told the princess that the welfare of their grandchildren came first,” Morton wrote. The Queen reportedly told Princess Diana that she did not want her grandchildren to be the battleground of a marriage that had broken down.

No matter how much Queen Elizabeth wanted Princess Diana to stay, however, there was no stopping the Princess of Wales from getting out of their unhappy marriage. Ultimately, she decided to leave.

Former royal butler Paul Burrell revealed that Queen Elizabeth had the kindest words for Princess Diana when her daughter-in-law made up her mind about leaving. “Whatever may transpire in the future, nothing will change the fact that you are the mother of both William and Harry,” he quoted the Queen as saying.

As Queen Elizabeth had expected, Prince Harry and Prince William grew up being distant from their father. Once, young Prince Harry even attacked Prince Charles, beating him on the legs with his fists because he hated him for breaking his mother’s heart.

Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth Picture dated 05 September 1981 of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Queen Elizabeth II at the Braemer Highland games. PA/AFP/Getty Images