(L-R) Alex Saxon, Maddison Jaizani, Kennedy McMann, Leah Lewis, and Tunji Kasim of 'Nancy Drew'
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Season 3 of "Nancy Drew," a TV adaptation of the iconic teen sleuth, ended on many cliffhangers, but the CW has not yet announced that the show will be renewed for season 4.

Nancy, played by Kennedy McMann, finally acted on her feelings towards Ace (actor Alex Saxon), but the two couldn't enjoy their new relationship for long. After just one month of bliss together, Ace dies in her arms in a car crash.

When he dies, Nancy realizes the entire past month has been an illusion, brought about by Temperance (actress Olivia Taylor Dudley) to show what will happen if she ever acts on her feelings for Ace in real life. It's the final curse Temperance puts on Nancy before she kills the former that ends the supernatural apocalypse before anyone in Horseshoe Bay dies. Then Nancy has a do-over where only she knows about the curse, so she pushes Ace away in order to save his life.

The Drew Crew also go on their new paths after which Nancy opens up Nancy Drew Investigations to devote her life to solving mysteries. Season 3 of the show was clearly a heartbreaking and lonely end for Nancy.

Showrunner Melinda Hsu Taylor told Entertainment Weekly that they have their "fingers crossed" for a renewal. Taylor said that if her team is fortunate, they definitely will pick up with "Ace wanting to know why Nancy ran out of his apartment like that. His question to her, 'Are you in trouble?' is going to be the thing on his mind if and when" they start working on season 4.

Talking about the season 3 finale, which aired Friday, fellow showrunner Noga Landau said that the episode was about beginning a "new chapter for Nancy and it was about her and Ace." It was about introducing the idea of "heroism and sacrifice and having to give up everything that you want in order to do what's right," shared Landau. The showrunner added, "But also it's bringing up this idea of fate and whether or not you can truly fight fate, and that's something we're going to be talking about in season 4."

Landau also noted that what's going to be fun about season 4 is that the makers are very "consciously returning to our roots." They hope to put Nancy back in a "graveyard with her beanie and her flashlight, and the beginning of a new mystery that should feel a little bit more like the mysteries" that they tackled in seasons one and two.

Meanwhile, Taylor told Entertainment Tonight that season 3 was "pretty epic." Explaining further, she said that it was about Nancy "averting a supernatural apocalypse that her 200-year-old ancestor witch was trying to do." She shared that the makers are "really excited to tell the story of how Nancy and Ace move forward now."

Tunji Kasim, Kennedy McMann, Maddison Jaizani and Scott Wolf of 'Nancy Drew'
(L-R) Tunji Kasim, Kennedy McMann, Maddison Jaizani and Scott Wolf of "Nancy Drew" appear on stage at The Paley Center for Media's 2019 PaleyFest Fall TV Previews - The CW at The Paley Center for Media on September 07, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

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