William Valdés has been reportedly fired from "Despierta América". According to Javier Ceriani the social media host was axed from the Univision morning show due to him not receiving the protection from a television executive at the network. The allegations the gossip guru made was that Valdés got on the show by someone up above and with the many changes that the Spanish-language net is going through lately, they were not able to keep him any longer. Watch the report down below and tell us what you think!

The news of William's exit from "Despierta América" has not been confirmed yet and Valdés has not made any public declarations about the allegations. The last tweet posted on his timeline could be about his firing from the morning show. "There will always be someone who can't see your worth," he wrote. Could it be that they prescinded from his services? It's not entirely clear if Valdés will continue with the network as he was a red carpet staple on awards shows like Premios Juventud, which is about to come up.

Earlier this year William Valdés broke down to tears on-air after he was confronted for a post on Instagram that showed he was not entirely happy as it seems. He did not disclose why he was feeling down, but his tears gave a lot away.

"Good morning, I am going to be very honest in this post. I am always showing the best of my life, my vacation, my outfits, my friends, my family, part of my job," he wrote on Instagram. "I have never showed my weak side, probably because I am the type of person that doesn't like to come off as weak or sad. Today I woke up sad, today I woke up without wanting to do something. I can't talk about the reason now, but I don't want to be the superficial person that I feel I am sometimes. I want to be me, and I think you are an important part of me. Today, I am sad. Today I am human, not a celebrity that has to fake his feelings. TODAY I AM ME."