'Witches Of East End' Premiere Spoilers: What You Need To Know About the New Supernatural Lifetime Series [TRAILER]

"Witches of East End" is the story of Joanna, and her daughter Freya and Ingrid. She is protecting her daughters from a dark truth, that they are immortal witches. What happens when the girls discover their true nature. Lifetime

“Witches of East End” is a new Lifetime series loosely based on the novel of the same name by Melissa de la Cruz. The series will premiere on Oct. 6 and will star Julia Ormond, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Rachel Boston and Madchen Amick. The story centers on the Beauchamp family- the powerful and fierce mother Joanna and her two daughter who are total opposites. Freya, the sexy romantic, and Ingrid, the shy librarian. The three women live in a small North Hampton town, providing a pleasant "small town of quirky characters" feel to the show.

Joanna has been protecting her daughters from their witchy secret, and has not told them that they actually immortal witches. In the pilot episode, the naïve girls get themselves into a bit of a bind when they get dangerously close to uncovering their supernatural powers. Due to the girl’s immortality and legacy, they are unknowingly in great danger. While the girl’s mother Joanna wants to keep her daughters as far away as possible from witchcraft, their aunt Wendy urges them to engage in the occult. Joanna and Wendy like Freya and Ingrid are sister who are quite different, Wendy finds it comical that Joanna would conceal her daughter’s true identities.

But before the girls can even deal with paranormal problems, they must conquer their relationship woes. Freya, who is as sultry as he is sassy, is torn between her cookie cutter fiancé Dash and his mysterious and sexy brother Killian. And while Ingrid’s love life is not as steamy, she does make a move to flirt with a local cop, Adam. But with their forthcoming magic, it seems that their complicated love lives are going to get more mystical. With love, lies, deceit, magic and a serious cliffhanger “Witches of East End” is promising. Be sure to check out the pilot episode on Oct. 6 on Lifetime at 10 p.m.


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