A woman from Tennessee has been charged on Friday, Dec. 10, with abuse of a corpse after a storage unit she owned was found to contain the 27-year-old remains of a dead baby that she allegedly gave birth to some three decades ago.

Melissa Sims McCann, a 62-year-old woman from Tullahoma, has been arrested after an auction of a storage unit that she has been renting since 1994 revealed the rotting corpse of a newborn baby, Tullahoma News reported.

“Upon inspection of the remains, it was not readily apparent if they were human,” District Attorney Craig Northcott said in a statement to the public regarding the case. “Upon sending the remains to the medical examiner’s office, they determined the remains were that of a human newborn.”

Police were called in when the corpse was found as the people in the auction were unable to identify what the remains were. An investigation then ensued on the matter, leading officers to Melissa Sims McCann, who owned the freezer unit specifically to hide the baby in, according to True Crime Daily.

“She rented the unit for the sole purpose of storing the remains of her full-term baby,” District Attorney Craig Northcott said in his statement.

McCann, who allegedly gave birth to the child days before storing them in the storage unit, has been charged with two counts of abuse of a corpse, with her arraignment for the case set up to happen on Dec. 17.

Investigators are currently puzzled by the motivation behind McCann hiding the corpse of the baby in the storage unit. They are currently actively investigating the matter and will push for additional charges against McCann if they find more crimes hiding beneath the surface.

McCann has not made a statement to the press regarding the alleged crime.

A woman has been charged with abusing a corpse in Tennessee on Friday after it was found that she had kept a baby's remains hidden in a storage unit for nearly thirty years. This is a representational image. Adam Winger/Unsplash.

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