In a shocking incident, an Indian woman was tortured by her husband, who tied her up with iron chains for about three months as he suspected her of having an affair. The man has been arrested, Rajasthan Police said on Wednesday.

She was recently rescued by the police after being tied up with iron chains that weighed 30 kg (66.139 pounds), reported India Today.

The incident happened in Lalgarh gram panchayat of Arnod police station area in Pratapgarh district, Rajasthan. Police said that they were informed about a woman being tied up with chains in the area. A team was sent to check the area where they found a woman tied up with chains. Two locks were spotted on the chains.

The 40-year-old victim told police that her husband tied her up around Holi in March after he accused her of cheating on him. She told the police that she often made trips to Heenglat in Rajasthan to help her mother with work related to the fields.

“My husband would come to my mother’s place and beat me up in front of the family. I only wanted to take care of my ageing mother but my husband would get drunk and thrash me. He suspected that I was cheating on him,” the woman told police.

She claimed that a few days before the Holi festival, her husband and one of her sons along with other members of her family restricted her movements by tying her up with chains. She told the cops that she was locked up for around three months and her husband continued to physically and mentally torture her, reported Catch News.

The woman now wants the police to take strict action against those involved in the crime.

In a separate incident, a viral video shows a 64-year-old Indian man beating his widowed daughter-in-law in broad daylight. The woman, who was being hit in front of public, was also tied up with a chain.

Police noticed the viral video and took appropriate action. The man has been booked for the incident that happened on a street in the Haldaur region of Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor. A case has been registered against the violent man.

Representation Image Woman Crying Desperation Counselling/ Pixabay