A woman who spent 800 pounds ($1,132.83) on her wedding ceremony 11 years ago, is happily married to herself even today.

Karen Reed had been single for a couple of years when she decided to marry herself on May 1, 2010, reported Daily Star.

“I was nearing 40 and had been ready to settle down for a while. I thought, ‘Why not marry the person I love most in the world?’ Not in a big-headed way, but I have learned to love and put myself first. It felt like the ultimate act of female empowerment," said Reed.

Her 80-year-old father Brian walked her down the aisle and she read vows out to herself. “I was getting older and wanted my dad to experience walking me down the aisle. Now my parents have the pictures from the day hung up in their house," she said.

Although it was not a legal marriage, she spent around 800 pounds on her big day. She bought a dress, hired a limo and arranged a champagne brunch at the five star Morgan Hotel, Swansea, Wales, for the reception. She invited 16 guests to the ceremony that had her daughter Evie, 21, by her side and her friend, Dr Gareth Thomas as the best man.

She shared that initially her family and friends were not too enthusiastic about the wedding, Wales Online reported. Karen said, "Of course my family thought I was a bit crazy for doing it."

Recalling her big day, she said, "I got my hair done and wore a beautiful dress. We had photos outside of the hotel and we must have had 100 people watching us – it was amazing. The day was all about celebrating yourself and finding happiness within."

There was also a wedding party at a nightclub. Reed got free entry and drinks after she told the doorman the groom had run away. "I jokingly said my new husband had run off with a barmaid," she said. "They felt so bad they let us in for free and played any songs we wanted."

She doesn't regret her decision even now.

Reed said, "I know some people will think it’s a bit crazy, but I promise I’m not. It’s so important to love yourself and not settle for anything less than you deserve. My dad can’t walk anymore so I’m pleased it happened when it did."

"I want to show people it’s okay to do something for yourself – to celebrate and love the person you are. It’s every girl’s dream to get married and have the perfect wedding day – which is exactly what I did," she added.

Karen has had a few relationships since her wedding day, but nothing serious.

A man has been accused of brutally strangling his girlfriend to death for reportedly pressuring him to marry her in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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