You’ve probably seen people do crazy things for freebies on various types of shows, but this woman took it to a whole new level when one of the radio anchors of Chile’s ‘Los 40 Principales’ Paul Hip, dared his audience to do something in order to get free tickets for the Festival Mysterland. Hip asked what the craziest thing someone would to to go to the festival for free and, believe it or not, a brave–or should we say desperate–woman actually licked whipped cream off of the conductor’s butt!

Once the station published the photo on social media, followers were absolutely outraged calling the act “misogynist and humiliating” and questioning the station’s ethics and journalistic ethic. “What you do shouldn’t even be called radio,” read one of the tweets. The radio station later issued an apology saying they were sorry if they had offended their audience and they probably should not have accepted such challenge, but assured it was completely “voluntary and even suggested by the participant” in a contest that was open to what ever each contestant wanted to do.

 ‘Los 40 Principales’ took down the image promptly after the ill reactions and also assured their fans the contest’s only purpose was to have fun, and in no way meant to hurt or demean anyone.