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A secret cocaine bar, the world's only cocaine bar, called Route 36, is currently traveling around the mountains of Bolivia.

People are traveling to the world's highest city, La Paz, sitting at over 3,500 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountains, battling altitude sickness just to find the secret cocaine bar, Route 36. La Paz is famous for being the highest administrative capital in the world and tourists who visit the place often suffer from breathlessness, nausea, lack of appetite, or insomnia, Mixmag reported.

Route 36, the secret cocaine bar that changes location every month, is said to have attracted thousands of people from far and wide. The people who have successfully found the bar claim that the best way to find it is by asking a cab driver.

"The best spot to find a cabbie in the know is outside one of the city’s party hostels — Loki or Wild Rover are good bets — but it seems that most drivers in the city centre will have an idea," Stylist reported about the bar in 2019.

The entry fee into the cocaine bar costs around US$5.10. Meanwhile, a gram of cocaine there costs around US$15.30.

Even though cocaine is illegal in Bolivia, the coca plant from which cocaine is extracted is readily available. It can legally be sold and used for food, and tea, and is available to purchase for medicinal purposes and for cooking. This makes Bolivia the third largest producer of the plant after Columbia and Peru.

There's no address to be found for the secret cocaine bar online. Even if some do find out where they're based, the address of the secret cocaine bar will have changed in a matter of weeks. This is to prevent the bar from getting shut down by the police and also to prevent nearby businesses from complaining about the illegal operation and its clientele.

People who have managed to uncover the bar have claimed that one would not probably find any Bolivians inside the cocaine bar since this place is really just a tourist destination.

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