The world's first Xbox One is under close guard at the Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand. The guards making sure no one gets near Microsoft's newest console is the sharped tooth sharks housed in the aquarium's aquatic collection. There are 20 sharks housed in the tank where the Xbox is submerged. Protected from the damaging salt water by a clear plastic box, this Xbox One was meant to be the world's first. Thanks to a shipping error a number of preordered consoles where shipped to their owners overseas.

The Xbox One is scheduled to be released on Nov. 22 and Microsoft plans on giving the shark guarded console to one lucky New Zealander as the first official Xbox One. The Xbox console was placed in a water tight box and weighed down at the bottom of the tank. Anyone looking to steel the gaming console will have to work up the nerve to face 20 sand tiger sharks. Microsoft representative Steven Blackburn spoke with the New Zealand Herald saying the Auckland was chosen for the giveaway due to their "passionate gaming community."

"We decided to look for the ultimate in security, and we rang up the Kelly Tarlton's people and said 'Hey, you guys have got a shark tank. Could we potentially borrow it?" Blackburn said to the Herald. The console will spend a week with the sand tiger sharks before being given away to a lucky gamer. This is the first Xbox console in eight years. Microsoft will be competing for sales with the Sony PlayStation 4. The Xbox One will be sold for $499 while its' competitor the PS4 will cost $399.

The sharks guarding the Xbox one are known as sand sharks, sand tiger sharks or grey nurse sharks are one of the scarier looking sharks in the ocean. They have wide eyes and sharp, jagged teeth protruding out their mouths. If you were to encounter one of these ferocious looking creatures your first instinct would be to swim away. Sand tigers can grow up from six to 10 feet in length and are the only species of shark known to surface and "gulp air."

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