The Xbox One release date has been leaked, and by none other than Wal Mart! According to a report from Kotaku, the Xbox One will be released on November 8. The release date, while not yet confirmed, does seem plausible considering the continuing war between Microsoft and Sony. The PS4 is set to be released on November 15, therefore if Xbox One is released on November 8, we will see some direct console competition.

And while we are always a bit weary of leaked release dates, this one seems legitimate. Kotaku published a screenshot of an internal memo from a source who "works for a marketing company that handles signage and product placement for retail giant Walmart." According to iDigitalTimes, the memo is apart of a Wal Mart email directed at managers regarding the upcoming midnight releases on the retail calendar. And the leak lists the Xbox One release date as November 8.

The leaked internal memo alleged from Wal Mart which announces the Xbox One release date as November 8. (Photo Credit: Kotaku)

The one problem with this release date is that is obviously still unconfirmed by Microsoft. The list of midnight releases totals 9 new video game announcements, however, all of the other releases are listed on the memo as "confirmed", but the Xbox One release date is not. Considering this, the November 8 release date may be Microsoft's most optimistic release date, not the actual one.

This is not the first leak claiming to know Xbox One's release date, we have heard an alleged release date of November 29 via a UK version of the Toys R Us website. According BGR, the proposed release date was leaked from the Toy R Us pre order page. Additionally, in June, an Xbox One release date was supposedly November 21, as reported by, a site from the Netherlands.

And while none of these release date have been confirmed, one interestingly note is that out of the 4 purported Xbox One release dates, three fall on a Friday. And while most electronics are released on Tuesdays, Microsoft may break tradition while waging console war, especially considering PS4 has been confirmed to be released on a Friday.