Colombian Ximena Duque is working on a major project. The “ Morir Soñando” actress has revealed bits and pieces of her upcoming jewelry line to "People En Español."

Following her personal style, we can expect long necklaces and chokers totally inspired in the hippie chic trend. Pink, aquamarine and purple are her favorite colors, so maybe this can be good sign of what stones she is going to use.

She also revealed earrings and rings are part of the line, and accessories especially designed for pets are in her plans as well. Even her dog “Oreo” is already hired to appear in the campaign images.

A charitably contribution is her main goal, and for that reason she is going to donate a significant percent of the proceeds of her jewelry line to people in need. As Global Ambassador of Miami Children’s Health Foundation we assume she is going to keep supporting the cause.

Although she never revealed the final name of the brand, she did mention her desire to use an “X” for the jewelry line- perhaps is “X by Ximena”?

We wish Ximena Duque the best of lucks on this important step.