Though she debuted in film with the 2014 "Primero de Enero," Ximena Duque assures that her new film is a very important stepping stone in her career. The Colombian actress and model has the supporting role as Isabela in the new film "Morir Soñando," which made its premiere in the Dominican Republic Thursday.

"This movie is a dream come true," Duque said exlusively to People en Español. "To enter the world of film has been one of my many goals. And to see that it's coming true makes me very excited."

Duque, who is currently dating Puerto Rican actor Carlos Ponce, admitted that filming was quite challenging due to a language barrier with the movie's director Josh Crook, who is American and speaks no Spanish.

She told the magazine, "to convince something that you're living the character without being understood was a bit intimidating for me at first, but then I understood that acting is transmiting feeling even in silence." "That's when I realized that all I needed to do was live the character like I've done in the past," she added.