“On Your Feet” actors Ana Villafañe and Ektor Rivera, who play Gloria and Emilio Estefan in the Broadway musical, might have taken their stage roles to real life during a Knicks Vs. Wizards pre-season game in New York’s Madison Square Garden. The two were caught cozying up and sharing a few kisses, and they were even featured on the jumbotron, which Rivera documented on his Instagram. Although this might’ve seem very innocent, Ektor seems to have forgotten that he’s married to Telemundo presenter and former Miss World Puerto Rico and Nuestra Belleza Latina contestant, Yara Lasanta.

Ektor and Yara have been together since 2010 but it wasn’t until 2013 when they tied the knot in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico. Their relationship seemed stable even though they lived in different countries: Yara was working in Puerto Rico as a TV host and Ektor was trying his luck in Los Angeles, pursuing his acting career after participating in the show “Objetivo Fama.” They would try to see each other every four weeks and in a January 2015 interview with El Nuevo Día, the couple shared that the “hardest part” was “not seeing your partner for weeks. The best part is, that when you miss each other and know you’re going to see each other soon, it feels like the first day.”

Eventually Yara landed a job as Senior Weather Anchor in Telemundo Los Angeles, which allowed her and Ektor to be together again, but not for long, as he would be taking over the role of Emilio Estefan on Broadway’s “On Your Feet” and relocating to New York City for the time being. It seems as if the chemistry with Ana Villafañe, who plays Gloria Estefan, transcended the stage and now it’s taken a toll on Ektor and Yara’s marriage after some photos of them getting cozy at a basketball game surfaced.

Although we’re not quite sure the extent of Ana and Ektor’s relationship, the photos definitely shocked Lasanta, who allegedly posted a message on what seems to be her private Facebook page. “Hello friends, today I’m speaking to you with the sincerity that characterizes me. I’m going straight to the point: regarding Ektor’s photos, I had no idea. This situation took me by surprise,” the post reads.

“I’m a serious woman, respectful, and I don’t approve this type of behavior. As you might understand, this situation has been very sad. I ask my colleagues very respectfully to give me some space, and whenever I’m ready, I’ll be getting in touch. Thank you, Yara Lasanta.”