YouTuber Jake Paul has been accused of sexual assault by TikTok star Justine Paradise. She shared a video on Friday accusing the aspiring boxer of sexually assaulting her in July 2019.

The 24-year-old content creator released a 20-minute long video on YouTube. In the video, she revealed that Paul allegedly forced her into oral stimulation at his Team 10 house in California.

Paradise claimed Paul took her to his bedroom when she was visiting his house and forced her to perform oral sex on him despite her objections. Recalling how they first met, Paradise said, "One of those days, I was in the studio — some people were recording down there — and Jake pulled me into this little corner area in the studio and started kissing me," she added, "I was fine with that. I did think he was cute."

The two exchanged numbers and began hanging out in the weeks that followed their first meeting, Paradise said in the video.

Following the above experience, she recalled the day of the alleged attack, which occurred inPaul's room. They were kissing and dancing, which she didn’t have an issue with until he took her to his bedroom. Despite rejecting his advances, and not consenting to engage further, she said he forced himself on her, reported People.

The social media influencer said she was uncomfortable when he placed his hands on her body, and so she moved them away. According to her, Paul insisted on getting intimate by saying if nothing was going to happen between them, it would be pointless.

Paradise said she met Paul through a mutual friend referred to as Michael in the video. He invited her out one day. Paradise arrived at the address Michael had given her, and she was shocked to learn it was the Team 10 House, the mansion Paul had purchased for his social media group, the Independent reported.

She said she was required to sign a NDA and have her photograph taken when she arrived.

Paradise, who has over 524,000 TikTok followers said she had kept the incident under wraps until she decided to upload a video, despite anticipating hate, in the hope that she would be saving any potential victim of sexual assault in the future.

Paul and his representatives have not responded to the allegations since they were made three days ago, Friday.

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