American-Dominican actress Zoe Saldana, 38, has confirmed that she bet on alternative methods to have her third son Zen.

Last February 18, the "Avatar" actress posted a photo with her new baby, we were all impressed because we never knew of a pregnancy of Saldana after having had their twins.

After speculation about how the actress supposedly could so easily conceal a pregnancy, she herself has announced during an interview to promote "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2" that underwent alternative processes of medicine and that Zen was never in her womb.

"If people did not see me pregnant it's because I obviously did not carry him in my womb," she explained.

"We are waiting for the baby to grow a little bit more because there were other people who were key factors in order to have our third child, a miracle for us," she said. "We are protecting your privacy," she added.

The actress, whose upcoming film will be released in May, expressed feeling very happy about this new son and asked for discretion from her and her husband the Italian Marco Perego.

"Even if it had been that way, we would have been just as discreet, it's only four months old, it's very healthy, but right now it has a small flu that my mom hit," she stated.

Zoe gave his particular opinion on the much-criticized scientific methods and urged to evaluate these non-traditional alternatives.

"It is important for other families to feel that if they need a last push, they can value alternatives and what science and technology gives us today to complete our families in non-traditional ways. We are crazy to share it, but we want to wait a little," concluded.

Recently, the actress also confessed how things work at home with three kids and an Italian husband. “So far, they are still very little, thank God. My husband is such a sensitive person, and he’s so Italian and flamboyant that thank God we don’t have testosterone issues," the Avatar actress replied. "If anything, I am the one that comes a little too strong and hard. I know my years are numbered, when that day comes and I’m like, ‘Hey, guys!' and they’re like, 'Can you move, Mom?, ’” she said as related on Us Magazine

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2" is set to premiere May 5.