President Barack Obama, Justin Timberlake Suit Photo: Obama Tweets Photo With Singer And Captions It ‘Suits And Ties’ [PHOTO & VIDEO]

Barack Obama, Justin Timberlake
President Barack Obama and Justin Timberlake hang out at the White House. White House

They be on their suits and ties!

President Obama recently tweeted a picture hanging out with Justin Timberlake at the White House. The president captioned it "Suits and ties" referencing Timberlake's first single, "Suit and tie" of his new album "20/20."

The photo shows a very amused Obama, looking at something Justin Timberlake was showing him on his cellphone, and you can spot Michelle Obama in the back (those arms are recognizable a mile away) chatting with Queen Latifah and another guest.


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Although this image was just recently uploaded to Barack Obama's Twitter account, it's actually from the White House Celebration of Memphis soul music, which took place last April.

The event was part of the Obamas "In Performance" series, an opportunity for musicians of different genres to explore the themes and history of their respective crafts. Among the performers that night, Otis Redding, Booker T Jones, Cyndi Lauper and Queen Latifah graced the guests with their talents.

President Obama greeted the guests and before the exquisite display of soul music that took place that night, he asked the audience, "Let's face it, who does not love this music?" He continued by praising the genre: "These songs get us on the dance floor. They get stuck in our heads. We go back over them again and again. And they've played an important part in our history."

Memphis, Tenn., was segregated in the 1960s, but blacks and whites came together despite the institutional racism to create a soulful blend of gospel and rhythmic blues music that sought to "bridge those divides, to create a little harmony with harmony," Obama said.

"They weren't allowed to go to school together. They weren't always allowed to travel or eat together," the president continued. "But no one could stop them from playing music together."

For a little sneak peak of the night, here's a clip of Justin Timberlake performing "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" and even asking the president to sing along with him. Do you think Obama did it? Check it out here!

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