The British royal family is one of the most fascinating and sophisticated individuals in the world. The world’s most popular royals have not only enjoyed glamor and festivities throughout the years; they have also survived scandals and moved on from deaths and heartbreaking tragedies. Below are some of the most tragic deaths that the royal family has endured over the years.

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6. Anne Boleyn was accused of witchcraft by King Henry VIII

Anne Boleyn, one of King Henry VIII’s six wives, gave birth to a daughter but failed to give him a son. Her failure to produce an heir to the throne eventually led to her death. She was accused of witchcraft for seducing the King, on top of the adultery and treason charges made against her by the King. After her death, the King married Boleyn’s maid of honor, Jane Seymour.

7. Princess Charlotte died because of doctors’ mistake

Prince Leopold married 20-year-old Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales. The princess got pregnant a year and a half later but unfortunately died while giving birth due to doctors' fault. Princess Charlotte’s death started the public display of grief for the royal family.

8. Queen Elizabeth II proclaimed 1992 as her “annus horribilis”

The Latin words “annus horribilis” literally translates to horrible year. In 1992, Queen Elizabeth II’s two sons got separated from their spouses, while her daughter, Princess Anne, got divorced. The same year, Windsor Castle caught on fire, burning more than 100 rooms.

The embarrassing marriage status of her children and the fact that Windsor Castle almost crumbled down made the year 1992 catastrophic for the Queen. Year “1992 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure,” the Queen said in her speech.

9. The Queen lost loved ones within a month apart

Her Majesty experienced a great deal of loss in the year 2002. The Queen’s younger sister, Margaret, died in February of that year due to stroke. The following month, the Queen’s mother, Elizabeth, died too at the age of 101.

10. Prince John, the shunned prince, died at the age of 13

Prince John would have been Queen Elizabeth II’s uncle if he were alive today. The prince lived a difficult life as he suffered from epilepsy and was eventually diagnosed with autism. Due to his condition, he was kept in Windsor Castle, which served as his prison. Prince John’s older brother, King Edward VIII, described the young prince as “animal like,” and his death was said to be a relief to the royal family.