Everyone loves to be entertained and to escape the harsh reality of life. The life of the royal family happens to be one of those stories that people love to watch and talk about. The royal life mirrors fantasy – tiaras and crowns, glitz and glamor, prince and princesses and royal weddings.

In reality, though, the royal family is just similar to everyone's family. And just like any normal family, the royal family also has dark truths that they don’t want the world to know or remember.

1. Prince Charles dated Princess Diana’s sister

It is no secret that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage was a chaotic one. It was filled with scandals and lies that ended up in a divorce. However, not everyone knows about how Prince Charles came to know the Princess of Wales. Princess Diana’s elder sister, Lady Sarah McCoruodale, had dated Prince Charles back in the seventies. Lady McCoruodale, however, told the Prince of Wales that she is not interested in marrying him.

2. The Prince and Princess of Wales were both in an extra-marital relationship while married

The era of Prince and Princess of Wales Charles and Diana was one of the most scandalous times of the British royal family. While the public knows about the abrupt relationship of Prince Charles with Camilla Parker-Bowles, a leaked transcript of a recorded phone call of Diana to James Gilbey shook the world. The transcript indicated Gilbey calling Diana “squidgy” 53 times. Many assumed that the pet name was what Gilbey gave Diana during their affair.

Shortly after said leaked transcript, another leaked transcript followed, this time a conversation between Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. The transcript confirmed that Prince Charles and Camilla were in a relationship and were sharing dirty jokes.

3. The Duchess of York took a bribe from a journalist

Sarah Ferguson went underwire after a journalist claimed that he accepted a bribe from Fergie. The story goes when the journalist posted as a businessman offering Fergie $633,000 in exchange of information about ex-husband Prince Andrew. The duchess apologized after the incident has been released in public.

4. Princess Beatrice dated a convict

In 2006, Princess Beatrice dated a convict named Paolo Liuzzo. Liuzzo was charged with manslaughter after a college brawl in Massachusetts. A fellow student died from injuries received in the brawl, and Liuzzo pleaded guilty. He received three years of probation and 100 hours of community service.

5. Prince Harry’s public stints scandalized the world

The modern-day prince and Duke of Sussex is known to have broken royal protocols several times. Many called him as the royal stubborn for fearlessly breaking rules, intentionally or unintentionally. One of those instances that scandalized the royal family is when Prince Harry donned a Nazi costume in a party. He was also photographed naked in Las Vegas but immediately took responsibility for it, saying that he was being too much of an army and less of a prince.

As a 17-year-old, he was also reported to have suffered from addiction. Prince Charles brought the duke to a rehabilitation center for a one-day check-in.

6. Royal princesses’ topless photos were released to the public

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton broke the news when photos of her topless during a vacation with Prince William were released to the public. The same happened to Prince Edward’s wife, Countess Sophie Rhys-Jones, in 1999.

7. Prince Andrew was accused of sexual assault

While the claims were not proven, a 17-year-old Virginia Roberts rocked the royal family when she told the public that Prince Andrew made her a sex slave when she was a minor. Roberts claimed that Prince Andrew and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein brought her to three geographical locations as a sex slave. The claims against Prince Andrew were struck from court records.