Tiaras, princes and royal weddings — elements of a fairytale taken straight from a children’s book. Nobody would have thought these things exist in real life until reading and hearing about the most famous royalty in the world, the British royal family.

Why are people so drawn to the royal family, particularly the British royal family? In psychological level, it is comforting to hear princes and princesses as it brings back childhood memories of parents reading fairytales to their children before going to sleep. It is simply comforting.

The royal family is also captivating to watch as their lives mirror spectacle and extravagance, very similar to fairytale stories. Watching and reading about the royal family somehow fulfills girls’ princess dreams.

In addition, the royal family is entertaining. The royal family is living a real life, a life set against a soap opera plot that offers a little bit of drama, scandal and love. The characters of the royal family are bounded by rules and traditions that limit them from being fully themselves. These rules range from a simple opening of a door to wedding traditions and such.

For instance, Kate Middleton’s blowing up skirt and Meghan Markle’s failure to comply with wearing tights created stir, not only among the royal family members but also among their subjects and observers. The two princesses became subjects of criticism and intense scrutiny for overlooking those simple protocols.

Here is the second part of the list of other royal traditions, protocols and rules that one may find fascinating, odd, weird or ridiculous in an everyday context. You can read Part I here.

11. Pasta, rice and potatoes are not served during dinner

Another tradition among the royal family involves food. Apparently, the Queen is not a fan of rice, potatoes and pasta. It is one of the reasons why these are not served during royal dinners.

12. Her Majesty hates garlic

This makes sense as it may not be appropriate to hold royal duties with garlic breath.

13. Christmas decorations are up until February

In remembrance of the Queen’s father, who passed away in Feb. 6, 1952, the royal family lets their Christmas decorations in display until Feb. 6.

14. They always have an all-black outfit when traveling

The royal family has to be always prepared, especially when traveling. This is why it is traditional for them to bring an all-black outfit during travels. So when someone dies, they can still be photographed in black.

15. Charades is a favorite game

The British royal family loves playing Charades during Christmas. It has been reported that the Queen prides herself as the best in the game of Charades. There were also jokes about Prince Harry wanting his wife not to steal the spotlight from his grandmother.

16. The Queen does not need a license to drive

Her Majesty is indeed the law in the United Kingdom. This includes the Queen driving without a license.

17. They cannot be a Roman Catholic

The reason for this is that the monarch is the head of the Church of England, established by Henry VIII. But the royal family can marry someone who is a Catholic.

18. They cannot vote or hold any political office

The royal family is not allowed to vote or hold political office to avoid bias and unfair influence on voters and subjects.

19. Prince Philip walks behind the Queen

Have you ever noticed Prince Philip walking in front of the Queen? It never happened, and it will never happen as it is royal protocol for Prince Philip to stroll behind the Queen.

20. Chins should be parallel to the ground

Royal women are required to have their chins aligned to the ground with hands on the side while walking. The same goes during photo opportunities — the chin has to be parallel to the ground.

What do you think of these protocols and traditions?