Kate Middleton and royal’s latest addition Meghan Markle instantly became the apple of the eye the moment they got engaged with, respectively, princes William and Harry. People are always enthusiastic to see what they will wear or what special events and occasions they will attend next. After all, they display royalty and perfection and mirror the fairytale life that every woman dreams of.

But the fairytale every woman dreams of is not an easy life to live. Royalty means giving up one’s career, and blog as in the case of Meghan. Shellfish diet is prohibited, as well as display of public affection, which explains Prince William and Kate’s stoic poses in photos. And these are just a few examples. These princesses sacrifice their independence and what they could establish for themselves in the future for love and join the ranks of British royalty.

Yet the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of York proved several times that despite their legal princess status, they are still human and prone to breaking royal protocols.

Skirt Weights

Kate always looked effortlessly royal in all her public appearances, which may be attributed to her years of romance with Prince William before they tied the knot in 2011. She has learned so much, given also her familiarity with the British royal family.

The Duchess of Cambridge is always on spot classy on her royal tours and inspired women across the world. But Kate is not exempted from wardrobe mishaps. Kate had gone Marilyn Monroe  — not once but thrice — during official trips. The first one was during the royal couple’s first tour in Canada in 2011, when the wind blew up Kate’s skirt to her waist. Reports claim that the Queen ordered skirts to have skirt weights sewed on them. However, Kate’s skirt blew up several times more, and the worst one reported was during the royal tour in India.


The Duchess of Cambridge created a fashion style for herself, and it includes wearing wedges during casual events and outings. Apparently, royalty are not to wear wedges, especially in front of the Queen, for the sole reason that Her Majesty does not like them, which is common knowledge among the women in the royal family.

Black Outfits

The Queen mandated women of royalty to wear bright colors so they could be easily spotted, in addition to the fact that black is worn for funerals. Meghan, new member of the royal family, however, has more protocols broken that sometimes critics think it might be intentional. For rebellious statement or not, Meghan repeatedly wore black in different occasions, such as in the WellChild Awards in London and the Hamilton charity event. Some say that the Duchess of Sussex wears black to blend in with people.

Bare Legs

With Kate’s conservative yet classy style and adherence to royal style protocols, it has been an integral part of her outfits to wear pantyhose. In fact, sales of pantyhose increased in the United Kingdom because of Kate’s fashion influence. Former “Suits” actress is, however, doing the opposite. She has been spotted various times without them. If you are wondering why wearing tights is mandatory in royal wardrobe, a royal expert told Yahoo: “The simple reason is, Her Majesty considers it ladylike, proper, and appropriate, and it’s the one rule she won’t budge on, regardless of temperature.”

Public Displays Of Affection (PDAs)

Prince Harry has been making headlines before his relationship with Meghan with his partying and crazy antics, so it is no shock now that he breaks some royal rules from time to time, including displaying of affection publicly. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were often seen smiling and staring at each other, arms wrapped around, holding hands and even kissing at times, clearly breaking this rule.

Kate is also guilty of PDA, in her case, with her children, children from the events she is attending and at times fans. Same goes with Meghan — she always spends time with fans, just like what she did last Christmas with an old fan, who she had exchanges on her now deleted Instagram.

Selfies And Autographs

The Queen finds selfies strange, and the palace has no autograph policy. Royal couple Meghan and Harry, however, has a penchant for disregarding royal rules. There was even an instance when during the couple’s trip in Australia, a little boy became curious with Prince Harry’s beard, and he let the boy touch it, posed for a selfie and signed an autograph.

Voicing An Opinion

Meghan is known to be political when it comes to feminism and is a supporter of the movement. It is one of the things she has given up as part of the royal family. Others noticed, though, that the Duchess has been discreetly voicing out her stand in speeches, including in a panel discussion of the Royal Foundation Forum, where she stood with #MeToo victims, and on her own royal website.