After very decisive victories in the California, New Jersey and New Mexico primaries, Hillary Clinton claimed the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday night.

The former Secretary of State has become the first woman to be a major party’s nominee for president of the United States. Needless to say, her followers and supporters are rejoicing and not shying away from showing it on social media.

Clinton has had a lot of support from major Latino personalities, and here are some of the ones that stand out the most.

  1. Eva Longoria: The actress has supported Clinton throughout the entire campaign. “I stand with Hillary because I'm a Latina. We care deeply about policies that disproportionately affect our community and one of those issues is immigration reform. We are tired of being synonymous with illegal, synonymous with not from here. We're part of the thread that makes the United States of America,” Longoria said at Clinton's fundraising concert in California.
  2. America Ferrera: The actress has been very much involved during the presidential candidate race, as well as a big Clinton supporter since 2008. “I believed in her [in 2008], I believe in her now,” Ferrera said last year on Twitter. Recently, she and Longoria were at a last-minute rally for Clinton in Las Vegas ahead of the Nevada caucus last month, where she joked that she and the presidential candidate “could be BFFs if you’d just give me the chance.”
  3. Marc Anthony: The singer has known the Clintons for a longtime and calls Mrs. Clinton “like family.” “I want to recognize someone who came to the concert tonight. Please, with all the respect in the world, let’s hear it for Hillary Clinton,” said the singer after bringing Clinton up on stage at one of his concerts.
  4. Salma Hayek: The Mexican beauty has had a lot to say against Donald Trump and has backed Clinton since the very beginning. “I have a lot of hope for Hillary. We need someone with experience who can endure. And this woman has endured it all. Hillary is tough,” she told Latina magazine.  
  5. Mariah Carey: Although the singer has admitted she is not really "fluent" in politics she did say she would like to see a female president and that she plans on voting for Clinton. At one point Carey even had Clinton’s logo in her profile photo on Twitter. The songstress also had a lot of bad things to say about Trump.
  6. Ricky Martin: He has been “with her” for a long time. Martin attended Clinton's fundraising concert ahead of the California primaries, where he performed “Livin’ la Vida Loca” and promoted her on social media.
  7. Jennifer Lopez: JLo confirmed her support to the Clinton it when she used a clip of the latter's 1995 speech in her “Ain’t Your Mamma” video. “Thank you @hillaryclinton for leading by example #aintyourmama #bepartoftheconversation #timeforchange #girlpower,” Lopez tweeted.
  8. Demi Lovato: The singer has openly supported Clinton and the latter seems to support her as well. “Just before the #glaadawards Saturday I got this amazing and thoughtful message from an equally amazing woman, @HillaryClinton. I’m so humbled that she has my back as I have hers… #ImWithHer,” Lovato wrote on Instagram.
  9. Wilmer Valderrama: Although Lovato and Valderrama recently split after six years, the two still share the same political views when it comes to Clinton. “Have you guys met my new friend #HillaryClinton?.. She’s running for president,” tweeted Valderrama, along with an emoji sticking its tongue out. He added, “Inspired by our conversation,” the actor tweeted last September.
  10. Christina Aguilera: Also at Clinton's fundraising concert in California, the singer gave a powerful performance along with “The Voice” season 10 winner Alisan Porter and singer Colin Smith. “This one is for Hillary because she is the ultimate fighter here tonight,” she said after closing with her hit song, “Fighter.”