A young Minnesota boy who was killed in a gnawing triple homicide case, reportedly revealed to cops that the attacker was none other than Tekeith Jones -- his mother’s boyfriend -- just moments before his death. He currently faces multiple charges: three counts of second-degree intentional murder, and was arrested on Sunday.

As per a report on People, the dead bodies of D’ Zondria D.Wallace and her kids La'Porsha,14, and her son Ja'Corbie, 11, were discovered in their Saint Paul home. Cops arrived at the scene upon being alerted of a shooting and found the 30-year-old woman and her kids lying on the floor.

Out of the three, Ja’Corbie’s condition seemed better than the others and thus was rushed to a hospital nearby, where he succumbed to injuries. Upon being prodded about who has shot him, the 11-year-old faintly maintained that the suspect was “Keith”— the name of his mother’s boyfriend.

The aforementioned information, as stated in a criminal complaint, was obtained by WBRC and KSTP. The family, which originally hailed from Mississippi, had shifted to Saint Paul for better opportunities barely about six months ago.

The deaths have been attributed to multiple gunshots wounds -- Ja'Corbie had been shot five times, while his sister was shot 10 times, and his mother was shot twice.

A GoFundMe page was set up for the trio by their extended family. "She started to work, she moved into her own place, and began looking into schools," the family wrote on a GoFundMe page. "D'Zondria had dreams of becoming a lawyer, and helping minorities in need. D'Zondria was beautiful, outgoing, full of life that wanted the best for her children. D'Zondria loved her children with her whole heart,” the description further read.

According to the complaint, Jones confessed to the police that he killed the family to save them. Not much has been disclosed about Jones’ attorney.

D'Zondria D. Wallace, La'Porsha and Ja'Corbie D'Zondria D. Wallace; her 14-year-old daughter La'Porsha; and her son Ja'Corbie, 11, were endearingly called "Tweety," "Suga" and "Coby." by family. GoFundMe