It appears we've gotten our first view at Apple's upcoming 12-inch iPad. The images come from Foxconn's iPad manufacturing factory showing off the larger body and design of the tablet. The pictures first appeared on French website nowhereelse, from a factory worker who the site uses as a trusted source.

The new iPad is said to measure between 12.2 and just under 13-inches and according to Geek has recently been approved for its final design. Check out the leak below:  

iPad 12-inch iPad body.

Apple introduced the world to its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices late last year and also introduced itself to the phablet market. The success of Apple's larger smartphone is most likely the reason we see the company aiming for a larger tablet. A larger iPad could easily step up and take the place of Apple's MacBook Air line. 

An iPad that is essentially the same size as a Macbook Air would fill a technology space for people who want more screen real estate but prefer a tablet's interface.

Of course, without a confirmation from Apple this new iPad is still a rumor, but one that is starting to fall in the "plausible" column.