In connection with the Bronx shooting, a 13-year-old boy's mother turned him to cops after seeing a wanted poster. The teenager allegedly shot his rival over an “out of control” argument that started on Snapchat.

Police said that on Tuesday, the suspect was charged with attempted murder after allegedly blasting another boy, 13, who was playing basketball at a playground in Bronx. It was on Snapchat that the boys met then a day before the attack, the suspect threatened to shoot the other teenager. A source said that the boys were conversing on social media then it went out of control, reported New York Post. The two started arguing, and then the suspect opened fire, and in the process, his rival got struck once in the left knee.

A witness said that there was another person, who gave the gun to the alleged shooter, and is yet to be arrested.

The victim was in stable condition and taken to a hospital. According to New York Daily News, the victim’s mother, Suleykie Rivera, said that the bullet went in and came out, so that’s good otherwise had it gone in and stayed then that "would have been tragic." The boy, who had also tested positive for COVID-19, was recovering in the hospital Wednesday.

On the other hand, the suspect’s mother turned him in at the 41st Precinct, and was charged with assault, harassment along with attempted murder. The suspect, whose name hasn't been revealed due to his age, has been described as 4 foot and 11 inches tall weighing 110 pounds, and was not arrested prior to this. The boy was arraigned in family court and later released to the custody of his mom.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said that one feels for the victim, but he also asked people to think about the side of the family with the teenager "who pulled the trigger here, and there are no winners." He thinks that’s the message that there are no winners when it comes to gun violence. He added, "So we all have to do more to make sure that these incidents go on a steep, steep rapid decline.” Shea thinks people have to do better as a society.

Child holding a gun
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