A 13-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his elder sister with a homemade gun while trying to shoot at people who allegedly robbed him.

According to Douglas County Sheriff’s Office,  14-year-old Kyra Scott was fatally shot in Douglasville, Georgia Saturday, Nov. 27, night.

Kyra’s brother, Wilson Brandon Scott III admitted to shooting her, Sheriff Tim Pounds said during a press conference on Wednesday, Dec. 1, afternoon.

Deputies and emergency crews were initially dispatched to a home in the 3200 block of Vicki Lane but were rerouted to the Marathon gas station on Stewart Mill Road. 

"Once we arrived, three people in the car, we observed there was a young girl in the vehicle who appeared to have been shot," the sheriff said.

Witness Jaquan Straughn told Fox 5: "They pulled her out and she was lifeless. You could tell that she wasn’t breathing. There was an officer nearby who helped with taking her out of the car and they were holding her up on the ground."

"She had a little brother who was going irate. He was going crazy seeing his sister not breathing. He was saying, ‘Don’t die. Don’t die,’ repeatedly," Straughn said.

Wilson and a 19-year-old suspect, Yusef McArthur have been arrested in connection to the fatal shooting, Pounds said.

Wilson was making and selling guns online, the officer said. 

"Now this kid is 13 years old, but he's making weapons. Semi-machine guns," Pounds said. "And he's selling those weapons on the streets of Douglas County, Carroll County, Atlanta everywhere."

On the day of the tragedy, McArthur and an unidentified had come to Wilson’s home to purchase a weapon. Instead of paying, they allegedly robbed Wilson and tried to flee with the weapon.

Wilson then pulled out another weapon and in an attempt to shoot at the accused robbers, but accidentally shot his sister instead.

According to the police, Wilson made "ghost guns" that are untraceable weapons made from parts sold online. 

Investigators believe the gun that killed Kyra was made by Wilson. 

In addition to a murder charge, Wilson is also facing charges for making and selling guns.

"He shot his sister. And it is so sad for this to happen, but a mother losing two kids at one time," Pounds said.

"And that kind of stuff goes on right under your nose and you never know about it. A 13-year-old kid probably only weighs about 80 pounds, is able to do, make a weapon from start to finish, at 13 years old," the Sherrif said,
District Attorney Dalia Racine described Kyra's death as a "tragedy of epic proportions".

"It's an unspeakable loss for her family. This loss is absolutely senseless and many are grappling as to how this could happen," Racine said.

Kyra Scott Kyra Scott. GoFundMe photo.