15 Worst Christmas Songs In Spanish: From Anahí To Gloria Trevi To 'Ven A Cantar' From The 80s!

Worst Christmas Songs Ever
Please don't ruin your Christmas party playing these awful holiday songs that will make all your guests throw up their tamales! ShutterstockBackground

Christmas is full of joy and excitement. We love and cherish this holiday because all families come together, set aside differences and unite, at least we hope they do. Christmas is the time to forget about any problems and enjoy each other's company while thinking and being grateful for what you have and not what you want. It's the time to give, time to laugh and time to enjoy. As everyone comes together at the dinner table and music is playing in the background, make sure to not play any of the songs down below. You don't want to ruin Christmas dinner and have your guests throw up their tamales all over the table.

1. "Campana Sobre Campana" - RBD: Don't let Anahí and Maite Perroni ruin your dinner with this awful cover of this classic song. The two were in the musical group RBD and the update was extremely unnecessary. Perroni has such a deep voice in this that we thought they had added a fourth male member to the group.

2. "Blanca Navidad" - Luis Miguel: Who does Luis Miguel think he is? We want to enjoy our Christmas with friends and family, not go to sleep with this boring song.

3. "La Navidad Llegó" - Tatiana: We are all for kids songs on Christmas, but this overly-produced track by "La Reina De Los Niños" really makes us hate the holiday.

4. "Rodolfo El Reno" - Belinda: This classic with the shreaky Belinda voice gives us a headache. Could she whine more?

5. "Llegó Navidad" - Gloria Trevi: Talking about screeching, Trevi is known to scream out the lyrics of our song and this Christmas tune is no exception. Glasses will break with this song playing in the background.

6. "Feliz Navidad" - Paulina Rubio: We love you girl, but you can't ruin this classic like that.

7. "Ven A Mi Casa" - Onda Vaselina: This is an uninspiring Christmas song that was part of a compilation. It tries to be fun and modern, but it can't compete with the classics.

8. "Las Campanas Del Amor" - Monica Naranjo: This is an X-Mas song? We don't think so.

9. "Jingle Bells" - Lynda: There are some Christmas classics that can't be translated. This "Jingle Bells" classic should have not been touched and murdered this way. It sounds so dated now too and we're talking about "Jingle Bells" too.

10. "La Marimorena" - Jeans: Another song that was just manhandled to death with this sound that sounds so dated now.

11. "Paseo En Trineo" - Lucero: No, Lucero, just no!

12. "Mamacita, ¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?" - A.B. Quintanilla y Los Kumbia All Starz: Is this even real? Our ears cannot handle this.

13. "Campanas En Mi Corazón" - Eiza Gonzalez: As "Lola" she performed this song that is anything but a classic.

14. "Regalo De Navidad" - Intocable

15. "Esta Navidad" - Flans, Timbiriche, Mijares, Yuri And More: This was a song that had many musical acts from the 80s. You would think that with so much talent together, this song would be the best song ever. Listen to it and be disappointed.

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