A 15-year-old girl allegedly killed herself by jumping into a well in front of her parents in Puthoor, Kerala, India on Tuesday, March 22.

It was the annual day celebration at Neelima's school on Tuesday, March 22, when events took a tragic turn. School authorities reportedly did not allow students of the tenth standard, including Neelima, to attend the yearly event as there were only a few days left before their public examinations, Mathrubhumi reported.

Without taking the restriction into consideration, Neelima and her two other friends left for school in the morning and still attended the annual day celebration.

Later, some locals near the school saw Neelima and her friends in the vicinity of the festivities and informed the teachers about their rule-breaking behavior. Following this, the teachers took the erring students to school, summoned the kid's parents, and warned them about their children's behavior.

After the meeting with the parents and the school authorities, Neelima suddenly ran as her parents tried to go after her while they were heading home. The girl led them to a well in the residential premises of one of her relatives and proceeded to jump into the deep reservoir allegedly with the intention of killing herself as her parents looked on in horror.

The motive behind Neelima's alleged suicide remains a mystery. Following the incident, the officers recorded the statements of Neelima's friends and family members and have launched an investigation into the untimely death.

In a similar but unrelated incident, an 18-year-old girl allegedly killed herself after her sister refused to buy her favorite paneer butter masala dish for dinner in Chennai, India on Sunday, March. 13, Latin Times reported.

The deceased, identified as 18-year-old G Henagros of Bharathi Nagar in Old Perungalathur, a first-year college student, had reportedly not been well for the last four days. On Saturday night, March 12, she asked her sister to buy paneer butter masala for dinner. Paneer butter masala is a dish popular in India and is made out of cottage cheese and butter.

However, when the sister refused her request, Henagros went to bed without eating anything that evening. The following day, on Sunday morning, while Henagros was sleeping in her room, her mother Vasundra and her eldest daughter went to church for weekly prayers. When they returned home hours later at around 11:30 a.m., they found Henagros' bedroom door locked from inside.

Since there was no response from Henagros, the mother and her sister, with the help of neighbors, broke down the door and found Henagros dead in the room.

A woman reportedly killed herself by jumping into a well after seeing the dead body of her son in Palghar district, Maharashtra, India on Thursday, Sept. 1. This is a representational image. PIXABAY

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