After years of ignoring his medical condition, 17-year-old Nitish Kumar underwent surgery. The teenager had developed a tumor in his jaw. The tumor consisted of 82 teeth that needed to be removed. Doctors in the north Indian state of Bihar performed the required surgery, allowing the teen to return to a normal life.

For years, Kumar had the tumor insidiously growing in his mouth. By the time he sought medical assistance, his face had become distorted. The tumors which grew in his lower jaws forced his lower jawline to protrude outward. X-ray of his jaws showed how the extra teeth clumped together inside his jaw forming two tumors. The tumors were present at the back of the lower jaw.

The condition restricted the movement of the teen’s mouth. As the tumors became painful, the teen and his family consulted a doctor. His doctor revealed that the teen had a condition known as complex odontoma.

Complex odontoma is an odontogenic tumor that develops as a hard mass in the jaw. The condition can be hereditary or can grow due to genetic mutations. It could also be a result of dental trauma. Usually, the tumor does not exceed the size of a regular tooth. In Kumar’s case the tumors grew exponentially, leaving his lower jaw swollen, reported.

While his condition worsened, Kumar failed to get medical attention due to undisclosed reasons. Finally at Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences in Bihar, Priyankar Singh from the maxillofacial unit, operated on the teen. With the assistance of Javed Iqbal, the doctor performed the complex three-hour surgery. During the surgery, the tumors were removed from the jaws. Times Now News reported that 82 teeth were removed in the process.

The medical superintendent of Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Manish Mandal, shared his observation of the uncommon medical case. He stated that if Kumar had received treatment earlier the tumors would have been removed before they became enlarged.

Singh revealed that when the teen arrived at the hospital his jaw was swollen and he was in pain. The doctor shared an update of the patient’s status. He said that Kumar was recovering from the surgery without any complications and would be released from the hospital upon recovering.

Representational image. Pixabay.

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