A 19-year-old student hanged himself to death at his home after his alleged girlfriend’s father warned him to stay away from her. The incident happened Sunday, Aug.15, in the Kalyanpuri region of Hyderabad, India.

According to the police, the teen, identified as Y Samuel had befriended a girl whom he met on Instagram. The duo exchanged their phone numbers and had frequent conversations over the phone, police said.

The girl’s father was furious when he learned about his daughter’s new relationship. He contacted the boy and reportedly admonished him to end the relationship.

Upset by his response, Samuel decided to end his life, police said.

On Sunday afternoon, when his parents had gone out, Samuel went to his room and allegedly hanged himself to death.

When his parents returned, they found him hanging from the ceiling fan.

Samuel had left behind a suicide note in which he blamed the girl’s father for threatening and berating him.

The Uppal police responded to the home and shifted the teen’s body to a medical examiner’s office for an autopsy.

The police have registered a case and a further probe is underway. It’s unclear at this time whether the police have charged the girl’s father for abetting suicide.

In a similar incident, a 27-year-old man hanged himself to death after his long-time girlfriend refused to marry him. The man live-streamed the suicide on social media. The shocking incident happened on Aug. 7, in the Thane district of Maharashtra, India.

The deceased, identified as Ankush Pawar took the extreme step after his girlfriend refused to marry him. The couple had met three years ago and were reportedly in a relationship since then, a police official said.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the couple frequently engaged in heated arguments over several issues and during one such altercation, the woman reportedly told him to "die".

While live-streaming his final moments on Facebook, Pawar said he had provided financial support to the woman during their three-year-long relationship.

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