The abuse and suffering that a grandmother had to put up with are finally over.

The grandmother had to put up with the disrespectful and shrewd antics of her 19-year-old grandson, including the recent (and probably last) one where a fork was embedded into her left hand.

The suspect was identified as Conna Hardy who allegedly had a history of abusing his grandmother. That included calling her a slave b***h and throwing stuff at her such as a plate.

All this came to an end after both were at a dinner table along with other family members at the grandmother’s home in Whitley Bay.

It all started when Hardy took a piece of food out of his mouth and placed it on his sister’s plate. The grandmother put it back into the 19-year-old’s plate but the latter placed it back. It was here where the whole thing blew up.

"Don't do that again or I will stab you," Hardy reportedly said and then threw a bone at her. "I told you not to push me too far."

Hardy ended up stabbing his grandmother with the fork and succeeded. It was deeply embedded but was eventually removed by medics.

Initially, Hardy claimed that his grandmother had fallen and landed on the fork. But he eventually pleaded guilty to the wounding.

As a result, the 19-year-old was sentenced to 15 months and imposed an indefinite restraining order.

"He accepts responsibility for causing the injury,” Mark Harrison, defender, stated. "He has been in custody for 201 days and during that time his presentation and mental health has improved significantly."

As for the grandmother, it was also a sigh of relief. She narrated how she was left traumatized by her erring grandson, both physically and mentally.

"Mentally the attack has caused me considerable distress. I suffer nightmares and have trouble sleeping,” she said. "I want no further contact with Conna Hardy despite him being my grandson.”

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