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Two UCLA students have sued an alumni-run summer camp for the alleged “hazing” incident that involved forced drinking, sexual assaults, and various “dangerous” activities. The family lake resort Bruin Woods, which is run by UCLA students, is a known venue for bringing together current and Bruins alumni where they can come together during the camp season. Lydia Dixon and Samea Derrick filed the lawsuit claiming sexual assault related to hazing.

According to ABC News, students Dixon and Derrick were new hires at the UCLA summer camp in Lake Arrowhead, a family resort marketed to current and former students. Dixon and Derrick said they were excited to start work until things turned sour. Both claimed the resort felt like a place set up for sexual assaults, with numerous occasions of binge drinking activities that involved minors being forced to participate out of peer pressure, and doors all over the property unable to lock.

They pointed out how they felt the need to binge drink in order to fit in as alcohol coercion and skinny dipping seemed to be major traditions of the camp. The activities were speculated to have started at various meetups months before the camp opened and escalated further when families started arriving.

Dixon claimed she got really drunk the first night and passed out when she was assaulted by a third-year student who was a returning staffer. She managed to report the incident and the staffer was immediately sent home.

However, this was the prelude to what would become a civil lawsuit that was filed against the University of California Regents on Tuesday. Attorney Scott Carr of Greene Broillet and Wheeler, representing both Dixon and Derrick cited a Daily Bruin article published in 1999 that quoted a returning staffer who said the supposed criteria to work at the resort requires, party-loving individuals who are “willing to get naked and swim in the lake."

Carr alleged that the culture of secrecy within the camp is a major cause of hazing. He also cited fraternities as examples of hazing promoters, that go out of their way to keep such events in the dark. Both students are seeking $50,000 in damages for alleged physical and emotional harm they endured related to the camp's hazing activities. They also filed charges for gender violence, assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Derrick’s hazing journey reportedly had gone a step further on the drive to Bruin Woods. Derrick mentioned a liquor store located around the path, where one is handed a can of Four Loko, a malt alcoholic beverage that one must finish while on the ascend to the mountain without throwing up.

Derrick also mentioned an incident where she and Dixon received a packing list, supposedly from their employers, that included items such as fake IDs, condoms, and birth control. Carr also added that there are likely more students in the camp that experience similar abuses, but are afraid to speak out or report staffers due to the “pervasive culture of secrecy”.

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