Good news, everyone! Honda has finally confirmed that the production version of its highly anticipated NSX hybrid-supercar will officially debut at Detroit's North American International Auto Show January next year.

According to a top exec of Honda Brazil during the Sao Paulo Motor Show, the NSX prototype will be displayed at the Sao Paulo Motor Show followed by the Tokyo show before the "real" NSX official debuts in MoTown next year. Sources claim that the styling of the production NSX will remain identical to the show model. Given the dramatic proportions of the prototype, it's assuring to know Honda will make every effort to keep its evocative concept design.

That said, if there's one design Honda could omit, it would be the enormously thick and overly-exaggerated underbite 'V' fangs that prominently fill its front fascia.

While the NSX will wear an Acura badge in North America, it will wear a Honda badge in Europe.

The next-generation Acura NSX will feature a radical mid-engine, all-wheel-drive, hybrid drivetrain nestled in a lightweight monocoque body.

According to earlier reports, Honda Performance Development (HPD) is looking to enter the all-new NSX into GT racing as early as 2014. Learn more about the Acura NSX and other hybrid supercars in iMotor's special "handbook to hybrid supercars."