The BMW M 235i is great and all but what we're really excited to see is the proper 2016 BMW M2, the successor to the awesome but exclusive 1-Series M Coupe. According to reports, the upcoming BMW M2 is expected to be produced at a significantly higher volume to make more driving enthusiasts happy.

According to Bimmerpost, 2016 BMW M2 will be powered by the tried and true BMW N55 turbo inline-six but it will be uprated to as much as 375 horsepower, which is just a tad away from the initial speculation of 400 horsepower. Ultimately, this will give BMW a clearer distinction between the M2 and 430 horsepower M4 Coupe. In fact, BMW initially considered a highly tuned turbocharged four-cylinder engine for more distinction. Ultimately, an inline-6 is probably more in line with the DNA of a modern M-car.

Styling wise, the BMW M2 will apply many of the stylistic elements from the hardcore BMW M235i Racing spec, a true racing car that BMW offers to private, entry-level motorsport teams since the beginning of 2014.

Stay tuned as we learn more about the 2016 BMW M2 in the months ahead. The M2 is expected to arrive to the market by late 2015.