A 24-year-old woman drowned in a pool at a motel in Ontario the whole incident was witnessed by people who watched her live stream on Facebook.

The victim was identified as Hellen Nyabuto who drowned when she reached the shallow part of the pool on Thursday, the Toronto Star reported.

The whole incident was caught on live stream. Nyabuto could be seen smiling, swimming and talking online to people who were watching her. However, it was also shown that when the 24-year-old reached the shallow end of the pool that she was struggling.

She could also be heard calling for help outside the stream’s frame. The feed went silent after that. Other people at the motel could be seen getting into the pool, eventually discovering the lifeless body of Nyabuto.

The said livestream has since been removed on Facebook.

The 24-year-old moved to Canada in 2018 and worked as a long-term care resident in the northwestern Toronto suburbs.

“Hellen was the breadwinner back home for her family. She’s been supporting them and it’s left a big gap,” Alfonce Nyamwaya, Nyabuto’s close friend, reportedly said.

“She worked with seniors right until the end,” she added. “She really had a passion for that.”

Since moving to Canada, Nyabuto had never returned to her homeland. Her loved ones are trying to raise funds to bring the 24-year-old’s body back while also trying to make plans to come to Toronto, Nyamwaya explained.

“We need prayers. We need financial support,” she quipped.

The friend and former classmate of the deceased also added that Nyamwaya’s family wanted to shoot down rumors that the death of Nyabuto was a result of foul play.

“Let the family mourn in peace. Let Hellen rest. It was an accident,” she batted.

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