3 Human Heads Found In Western Mexico Believed To Be The Work Of Self-Defense Squads

A Mexico City police officer checks a gun handed in as part of a voluntary disarmament program.
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Police in Los Reyes Mexico discovered three human heads in a roundabout on Thursday in the western Mexico town. The area has been rife with conflicts between drug gangs and self-defense squads. The heads belong to three males, each had a bullet wound. A note was left with the severed heads, but police have not released the content of the message. Vigilante self-defense groups have been springing up in the area where the heads were discovered. The groups say they are battling the kidnapping, murders and other criminal activities the drug cartels are a part of.

The self-defense squads and the drug cartels have been waging war recently. Last month, two male members of the Los Reyes self-defense group were found hanging from a tree with a note attached to one of the bodies threatening the entire squad. Other violent acts includes a recent incident at a bar in the Monterrey suburb of Santa Catarina. The gunmen took a cab to the bar, walked in and opened fire. When the gunmen were done they left in the same cab.

Drug gang violence in Mexico is an ever growing problem. The Mexican government has been looking to crack down on the gangs and remove the power they have over different communities and provinces. Each time the government issues a crackdown they gangs retaliate. Recent local elections in Mexico have been plagued with the kidnapping and deaths of politicians. Recently a mass grave was uncovered that held the bodies of 12 young people kidnapped from the Heaven Bar in Zona Rosa.

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