A 3-year-old kid and his elder sister's remains were discovered at the Derinoz Dam near Amasya, Turkey along with other family members on his birthday.

The boy's sibling tried to help him as he fell into the lake. Unfortunately, they all drowned while attempting to save him.

Search and rescue teams rushed to the area after bystanders reported the incident to the police.

According to the rescue crew, the bodies of Levent Cenik (3) and his sister Havvanur Cenik, 9, were hauled out of the lake and found still holding hands.

His sister, grandma Sultan, 50, uncle Emrullah, 19, and aunt Elif Semiz, 28, all tried to save him but unfortunately drowned.

''We found Elif Semiz three meters from the place where the incident took place, and the grandmother, Sultan Cenik, at the point towards the dam walls," Amasya Fire Brigade director Selim Keles said.

''After a while, the children were found at a depth of 10 meters. Two of the children were side by side and were taken out holding hands," the official added.

"We experienced this incident and we are devastated as a team. We found the uncle about six meters away," Keles said.

Haberler said Father Beytullah Cenik and mother Gullu Cenik, the children's parents, were so shaken by the incident that they could scarcely stand at the family funeral.

An online tabloid mentioned Beytullah sobbed in front of his children, mother, and brother's coffin during the sad service.

The bodies of the five people were laid to rest in the family cemetery.

It's unknown whether the incident will be investigated by authorities.

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