High school students Anthony Nagore and Lucas Brewer were reported missing last week. A massive search was launched to find the duo. The community in Avon, Connecticut was left devastated after the boys’ bodies were found floating in the Farmington River. Investigation into the deaths has been launched. It is believed that the teens drowned in the river while swimming in it.

17-year-old Nagore and 15-year-old Brewer had gone for a swim in the river on Thursday, July 15. When they failed to return home, their parents reported them missing. A search was launched for the Plainville High School students.

The search and rescue team found the teens’ clothes, shoes and cell phones on the river bank, Fox61 reported. They were unable to find the two boys. To aid the search water flow from the Colebrook Dam had been reduced, but the water level of the river kept rising. This made it impossible for divers to enter the water to conduct a search.

Environmental conservation police, state troopers and local officers conducted the search of the river as well as the surrounding areas. Drones were deployed to get an aerial view. Sonar was used to search the water. Police dogs were deployed to search the banks. Yet, over the weekend no trace of the teens was found. The search had to be called off multiple times when the river became too hazardous.

On Monday, July 19 the search came to an end when their bodies were spotted in the river. The teens were found just over a mile away from where they had entered the water. Their bodies were around 30 to 40 yards apart from each other when they were finally discovered, the Hartford Courant reported.

Farmington River has been a popular swimming spot in Avon. However, due to rising water levels taking a swim in the river has become hazardous. It is believed that the teens drowned after being swept away by the strong river currents. Nagor and Brewer’s bodies have been sent for post mortem examination to determine the cause of death.

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection police force officer Keith Williams warned Connecticut residents from entering any bodies of water. He pointed out that most water bodies in the state have high levels of water making them hazardous.

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