Men will try anything to satisfy their sexual urges, including injecting some foreign object into their private part. In the case of a 30-year-old man, it turned out to be a disaster.

The man, whose identity was not divulged, reportedly inserted six kidney beans into his weenie with the intent of ejecting them during ejaculation. Rather than that, they got stuck in his urethra and needed the help of doctors to take the six kidney beans out.

It should be noted that this was not the first time the man tried the trick. But because he reportedly used more beans, the experiment ended up causing a log jam.

Before he sought medical help, the man allegedly tried to remove the beans with a tweezer. The whole ordeal was reported in a case report by a team of medical experts headed by Margeaux Dennis at Sparrow Hospital, Michigan.

According to Dennis, the placement of things in the urethra has intrigued urologists for years. Unfortunately, the man who did it was not so fortunate in an experiment gone wrong.

The man needed operative intervention with cystoscopy and urethral foreign body retrieval. Luckily for him, no additional wounds took place and all the beans were successfully removed. Doctors used a combination of graspers and basketing to take each bean out. The final piece was reportedly encountered within the bladder.

According to physicians, this kind of odd practice is better known as “sounding” or "cock-stuffing." Aside from beans, there are some who even allegedly try shoving rods down their weenies.

"In one report, a patient inserted a 40cm long household pipe in an attempt to relieve his urinary retention because he did not have access to health insurance or sufficient finances,” the case report read.

Either way, there are serious risks involved in these attempts, especially if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, the unnamed 30-year-old man had to find that out the hard and painful way.

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