Greek footballer Nikos Tsoumanis was found dead in his car with his hands tied and a belt around neck, and now police are investigating it as suspected murder.

His friends and family had reported him missing, so authorities were searching for the former Under-21 international player. They found his body in the car in Kalamaria, which is about six miles south-east of Thessaloniki, Greece, Tuesday morning, reported The Sun.

Tsoumanis was taken to a hospital, but could not be saved. According to Metrosport GR, the medical examiner estimated that he died due to suffocation and drowning. Foul play is suspected in his death as his hands were reportedly bound with a plastic tie-wrap and a belt was also tied around his neck, according to Daily Mail.

Tsoumanis was a left-back by trade and played for Aris Thessaloniki Football Club, Skoda Xanthi and other teams, and in the summer he became a player of Makedonikos. He had played for them back in 2009 as well before moving on to Skoda Xanthi in 2010. In his career, he made 126 appearances, assisted three goals and scored four goals.

Aris mourned his death and issued a statement that said, "The unfortunate loss of Nikos Tsoumanis spread sadness throughout the family of our Association." They expressed their condolences to his family.

In a separate incident, former University of Hawaii football star Colt Brennan's cause of death was determined four months after he died in May. A representative for the Orange County Sheriff's Department told PEOPLE last month that Brennan suffered an accidental overdose, caused by a lethal concoction of amphetamine, methamphetamine, ethanol and fentanyl.

He was 37 years old when he died on May 10, at a hospital in California, after he tried to check into a detox facility, but due to a shortage of beds he was turned away.

He was five months into a six-month rehabilitation program when he lost consciousness after ingesting something laced with fentanyl, said his father Terry. The athlete's father said that he passed away peacefully, and was surrounded by his family members at the time of his death.

Terry said, "He listened to Bob Marley. His sisters had a lei around him when he was unconscious. They had the music of Bob Marley playing near his ear."

File picture of Nikos Tsoumanis of Greece (L) and Patrick Herrmann of Germany
Nikos Tsoumanis of Greece (L) and Patrick Herrmann of Germany battle for the ball during the international U21 friendly match between Greece and Germany at Nea Smyrni stadium on February 9, 2011 in Athens, Greece. Photo by Vladimir Rys/Bongarts/Getty Images