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A Utah mom has died four days after receiving her second dose of Moderna Covid-19 vaccine on Feb. 1. Kassidi Kurill, 39, initially experienced a sore arm after the first jab and felt no other side effects. She had no underlying medical conditions but things quickly turned tragic for the mother of one daughter who worked for several plastic surgeons as a surgical technician.

Local media reports said Kurill had even encouraged her family to get the vaccine.

“She was absolutely fine with getting it. In fact, she told all of us, ‘It’s fine, you guys should all get it,’” Kurill’s father, Alfred Hawley, told KUTV.

But come Friday evening of that same week, Kurill was rushed to the emergency room.

While she was in bed all day Tuesday and Wednesday after receiving her second jab, she had complained that she was drinking fluids but was unable to urinate and had been suffering from a headache. Around Wednesday, she claimed to have felt a bit better.

However, by Friday, she said her heart was racing and felt like she needed to go to the emergency room. Her father drove her to the hospital and as soon as they arrived at the ER around 7am, Kurill was throwing up.

Blood tests were done and results showed her liver was not functioning as it should be.

Kurill became less coherent and was flown to the Trauma Center at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, a facility that has the ability to do transplants if needed. Kurill’s liver was failing and doctors believed a transplant was her best option at survival.

Doctors repeatedly attempted to stabilize her condition to enable them to perform a liver transplant but her condition deteriorated. Friday morning, she could no longer talk, Fox News wrote.

"She got worse and worse throughout the day. And at nine o’clock, she passed ”, her father said.

Kurill’s parents volunteered to donate a portion of their livers but they never got the chance to offer the lifesaving gift as their daughter’s liver, kidneys and heart had all shut down.

She died 30 hours after arriving at the hospital.

While an autopsy was performed on Kurill’s body, the state Medical Examiner’s Office could not comment on the case due to privacy laws. Utah’s chief medical examiner Dr. Erik Christensen said proving vaccine injury as a cause of death almost never happens.

Christensen said he could think of just one instance in which a vaccine could be listed as a cause of death on an autopsy report. This would come up as an immediate case of anaphylaxis or also known as a severe allergic reaction, wherein a person dies almost instantaneously after being inoculated.

“Just about every vaccine or anything you do to treat someone, when you inject something, has a potential for a negative outcome”, he added.

According to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, about 92 million COVID-19 vaccine doses were administered in the US between Dec. 14 and March 8.

Of those 92 million, VAERS received 1,637 reports of death (0.0018%) among people who received a jab.

The Moderna headquarters are seen in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 18, 2020. - US biotech firm Moderna reported promising early results from the first clinical tests of an experimental vaccine against the novel coronavirus performed on a small number of volunteers. Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images

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