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Four males, including two juveniles, were arrested on Thursday for credible threats made against a Donna school, all were reportedly arraigned on charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to Donna ISD Police Chief Donald O. Crist, two juveniles will be taken in front of a juvenile magistrate. Nathaniel Seth Montelongo and Barbarito Pantoja are both 17-year-old minors. The two are facing a charge of conspiring to commit aggravated assault – a second-degree felony, each issued a bond amount of $750,000. While, the two adult males included in the arrest will also be arraigned.

"Keep an eye on your kids, make sure about what they’re doing. Look at what they have in their rooms, be vigilant," Chief Guerrero said as a reminder to everyone. The four people delivered a credible threat of violence against a school in Donna. They were all put in police custody a day after the Donna school district canceled classes for the rest of the week due to the said threat.

Additional police and security were sent off to monitor Donna High School following the said threat. They also immediately initiated security protocols to avoid any tragic incident, making sure the campus and students will be put in safe hands.

Donna PD announced the arrests during a press conference on Thursday. Authorities said they received an anonymous tip that led to the arrests. Meanwhile, Chief Guerrero denied the rumors emerging on social media that there was a list of students that were being targeted. "There was no target list. There was supposedly some rumors going around, but there was no such thing," he said.

Chief Crist said the case is still an ongoing investigation, and specific information cannot be made public at this time, "We stopped an act of physical violence and harm on our students," he added.

The arrests were part of the multiple agency operations, including the assistance from Donna PD, the FBI, McAllen PD, Edinburg PD, Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, Pharr PD and ATF. Chief Crist claimed that students feel safer with the district’s additional support from different law enforcement agencies.

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