A 40-year-old Indian woman has been held for seducing and looting more than 14 elderly men. The woman, Geeta Patel, would roam around in an expensive car, and look for senior citizens walking alone on the road. She would try and seduce them, and take them to a vacant place where she would rob them.

The incident came to light last week, when a 70-year-old Charkop resident was cheated by Patel, who stole his gold chain and other valuables, reported Mid-Day.

He approached the Charkop police station in Mumbai. The police said that when he was approached by Patel, he was walking towards his house after depositing money into his bank. She started crying, and said that her husband tortured her. She claimed that her husband was not sexually gratifying her, and asked the victim, if he’d spend time with her.

They took an auto-rickshaw and headed towards an under-construction building site. On reaching the spot, she snatched his gold chain and money. She warned him that if he resisted, she’d make a noise, and accuse him of raping her.

Senior Inspector Manohar Shinde and PSI Vitthan Gole of the Charkop Police started investigating after receiving the complaint. They checked the CCTV footage, and traced a Ford Vista used by the accused. They sent it to various police stations, and later received information about the woman being a habitual offender. She had 14 cases against her. Her son used to often accompany her. Last week, the police caught the accused and her son Pankaj.

In a separate case, a woman has revealed her hobby of seducing infamous serial killers. For more than 20 years, at least 100 of serial and celebrity murderers, including John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez, “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz, Charles Manson, Arthur Shawcross, Edmund Kemper, Karla Faye Tucker, Robert John Bardo and Gerard Schaefer, among others, communicated with Barbara and Richie Dickstein.

Barbara and Richie wrote letters pretending to be whatever turned on the criminals. For instance, once she sent photos of a local stripper and pretended it was her to seduce Ramirez. “If you look at most of these serial killers’ childhoods, they never had any love. I think they thought that with us, ‘Here’s someone willing to show me love and I’ll try it with them,’” Barbara told New York Post.

Homeless Man
A suspected crack addict has been sentenced on Tuesday after threatening to rape his mother and dead grandmother and kill his nieces after he was not given money by family members. He is set to be imprisoned for 24 weeks, to pay fines for his crimes, and undergo rehabilitation after court learned his mental health has "deteriorated." This is a representational image. Pixabay