A 49-year-old man was arrested after it was discovered that he was the father of the child that her daughter was carrying. He was arrested by Nigeria’s police force thereafter.

The suspect was identified as Amoda Bola who also allegedly forced the girl into prostitution when she was only 14 years old.

According to Command's spokesman Abimbola Oyeyemi, Bola was arrested not long after the girl sought the help of authorities and alleged she was raped and forced into prostitution.

The unnamed teen was taken to a state hospital and it was here where it was confirmed that she was pregnant.

Aside from that, the girl also added how Bola would invite men into their home to have sex with her in exchange for money.

When he was questioned, the 49-year-old man admitted to the crimes and added that five people had slept with her daughter.

Also arrested were Ahmed Ogunkoya, Muyiwa Adeoye, David Sunday Solaja, Emmanuel Olusanya, and Joshua Olaniran.

“All the suspects have confessed to having carnal knowledge of the underage girl and paid money to the father,” Oyeyemi said.

It was also revealed that the whereabouts of the mother of the girl are unknown. Bola and the mom are divorced and the teen was left in the custody of the 49-year-old man.

“The victim has insisted that it was her father who is responsible for the pregnancy and been the only person who slept with her within the period she got pregnant,” Oyeyemi stated. “State Police Commissioner Lanre Bankole has directed that the suspects should be transferred to the anti-human trafficking and child labour unit of the state Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for further investigation and prosecution.”

Bola is set to appear in court next month. He remains in police custody until the five other men accused of sexually assaulting the teen girl admits to sleeping with the female victim.

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