4th of July is only one day away but that certainly doesn't mean you have to miss out on holiday fun just because you didn’t plan ahead. If you live in New York City are looking for a way to beat the heat, don’t attempt to rent a car at this point; there are literally no more rental cars in the city. Fortunately, NYC still boasts some impressive public transportation, and yes it will be crowded and you will be carrying a bag, but once you get out of the city and wipe off that particularly horrible subway sweat, you will immediately start to feel better.

So now that it’s so last minute what’s left for you to do on 4th of July? Well, luckily for you poor planners 4th of July is all about sun, sand and fun, so your proximity to that is super close. The best place to be on Independence Day is with your friends and family, outside enjoying the beautiful weather, especially after that brutal winter, everyone deserves their day in the sun. Even though it’s already July 3rd if you act fast you still have time to have an amazing holiday weekend and enjoy the holiday! Latin Times has a few options of places to go for either day trips or the full weekend, check them out below.


Jones Beach, Long Island

Unless you plan on sleeping on the beach, a trip to Jones Beach will certainly be a day trip. However with all the wonderful facilities and things to do at Jones Beach, you will be watching the sunset before you know it! Jones Beach offers miles of sand, shoreline, ocean surf, swimming pools and a two-mile-long boardwalk. The best part about this beach destination, there is public transportation that is quite affordable. Beach goers can take the LIRR train from Penn Station to Freeport Station on Long Island, and then walk downstairs for the N88 NICE Bus, which delivers you right to paradise. For $18.75 passengers are provided round trip transportation form the beach to the Freeport Station and back into NYC. Train service is available approximately every half hour. Get more details about Jones Beach State Park here!


Belmar Beach, New Jersey

Belmar Beach is similar to Jones Beach in terms of public transportation. However this beach town provides guests tons of accommodations, meaning that you could turn this last minute 4th of July getaway into a serious weekend adventure. Belmar Beach boasts a large number of convenient motels, bed and breakfasts, and adorably shabby chic beach cottages. Belmar Beach in addition to having miles of beautiful white sand beaches, has a super fun and entertaining boardwalk that stretches the length of the beach and provides food, entertainment, games and even live music. The beach is easy to get to; New Jersey Transit provides train service right to the Belmar station, which is located in the heart of this beach town. From the train station the beach and boardwalk is only about a 5-minute walk away!


Montauk, Long Island

Another Long Island destination that will leave you refreshed and thoroughly beached out. Now admittedly Montauk is likely to be crowded on such a popular weekend, or most likely the most popular weekend of the summer, but there’s a reason everybody is in Montauk, right? Yes, because it’s awesome, fun and provides you the ability to “get away” without traveling to far from home. Like Jones Beach, the LIRR provides public transportation to Montauk via it’s Babylon Branch which leaves from Penn Station, to accommodate the mass migration to the beach, the LIRR is even extending afternoon east-bound service, meaning more trains and more chances for you to get your beach on! Montauk has more hotels and motels than any other Suffolk County destination. This is town is a hustling and bustling summer destination, so anything fun in sun you can think to do they have it! Check out On Montauk for more information!