Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother is known for her strength and perseverance. Indeed, this royal has been through trying times, such as the early death of her husband, King George VI, and World War II, and she even survived the bombing of Buckingham Palace. For fans, here are five surprising facts of this amazing royal family member.

She Was The Last To Give Birth In The Presence Of The Home Secretary

When Meghan Markle gave birth to her and Prince Harry’s firstborn, she was thankfully spared the embarrassing age-old royal birth of having the Home Secretary witness the whole ordeal. The Queen Mother was not so lucky, however.

When she gave birth to the future Queen Elizabeth II on April 21, 1926, the Home Secretary was beside her, as per custom. Thankfully, it was also the last time that this weird royal birth tradition was observed.

She Was The Last Empress Of India

Queen Elizabeth’s husband, King George VI, started his reign in December 1936, while India only declared independence in 1947. This means that the monarch was also the Emperor of India for this period. As his wife, the Queen Mother also became the last Empress of India.

Even Hitler Was Wary Of Her Influence

Adolf Hitler was perhaps the most feared man in Europe due to his pursuit of power and world domination, which eventually resulted in World War II. But even Hitler is wary of the Queen Mother’s influence and has reportedly called her “the most dangerous woman in Europe.”

Queen Elizabeth was definitely one of the most influential figures in the international scene at that time. Along with King George VI, she went on diplomatic tours across Europe and even North America. Her very existence and popularity are deemed as a threat to Germany’s interest and goals.

She Really Loved Champagne

The Queen Mother certainly had her virtues. But as with any other human, she also had her own set of vices. One such vice is her penchant for champagne.

In fact, her love for “bubbles” was so great that not even a surgery, as well as hospital confinement, could come in between her and her beloved drink. “At the age of 97, she was in hospital having an operation on her hip,” explained royal family sommelier Pippa Penny. “She smuggled 12 bottles of Krug Champagne into the hospital to make her stay a little bit more comfortable and enjoyable.”

She’s Not Too Concerned About The Price Tag

The Queen Mother enjoyed her luxurious lifestyle and is not too overly concerned with the price tag of things. According to the documentary “Secrets Of The Royal Spending,” Queen Elizabeth “never thought about the cost of anything.” In fact, the Queen Mother’s spending was so great that her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, had to subsidize her expenses, which reportedly reached £2 million annually.

Queen Elizabeth I Elizabeth I circa 1586 by Hilliard. Lisby/Flickr