A 22-year-old Detroit man who fled after hitting and killing a 5-year-old boy while speeding to try to beat a red light has been arrested within hours after the fatal accident.

The deceased child, Preston Singleton was riding his bike across Van Dyke on Tuesday, June 29, when he was struck by the speeding SUV.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said the man responsible was aware that he hit a child but didn’t stop. The man, who has not been publicly identified, kept driving before ditching the vehicle in a Taco Bell parking lot and going to work in Sterling Heights.

"This is a true tragedy. A 5-year-old boy on his bicycle was probably thrown maybe 80 feet," Dwyer said.

"The driver continued to go northbound on Van Dyke into Sterling Heights."

"Actually he reported to work at the Chrysler plant," Dwyer said.

"It appeared he showed no remorse at all. He knew it was a young child and, knowing that he continued to go through Sterling Heights and go to work without any thought or anything - sympathy or compassion towards the 5-year-old victim."

The child’s grandmother told FOX 2 that he was on his bike with his aunt and other family members on Tuesday night when the SUV struck him.

Preston's father, Christopher, met FOX 2 at Van Dyke and Stephenson, where his son was struck and a memorial has been set up. He said this all feels like a terrible nightmare.

His father, identified as Christopher, said the incident feels like a "bad dream".

"It's just like a bad dream. It's hard to comprehend. It just happened less than 24 hours (ago). I want to wake up from this. I just want to hug him and bring him back. The kid was full of life. He lit up every room. He was so happy and just enjoyed life. My fondest memory is when he said - I asked him who he loves and he said anybody that knows me. It was just a happy moment that I'll never forget," he told FOX 2 news.

Commissioner Dwyer said they have performed blood draw on the suspect to determine if he was driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. The charges imposed on him were unclear at this time.

Speeding Vehicle
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