Dominican Actor Victor Razuk
Dominican Actor Victor Razuk Talks Playing José Rodríguez in '50 Shades Of Grey'. Universal Pictures

Fifty Shades of Grey is the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the best-selling book that has become a global phenomenon. Since its release, the “Fifty Shades” trilogy has been translated into 51 languages worldwide. The movie is based on the novel by E L James and sold more than 100 million copies in e-book and print making it one of the biggest and fastest-selling book series ever. The drama film is starring Jamie Dornan playing the role of Christian Grey, and Dakota Johnson who plays the role of Anastasia Steele. Latin Times spoke to Dominican-American actor Victor Rasuk, who plays the role of José Rodríguez, a very close friend of Anastasia since college, who secretly likes her until one day he couldn’t take it anymore and told her.

Latin Times: Victor, when you were casted for the role of José Rodríguez, who was the first person you told?

Victor Rasuk: The first person I told was my aunt because I knew she was a big fan of the book. When it happened I was actually told by everyone that I wasn’t supposed to announce it yet until they announced the other cast members. However, I called my aunt on the "down low" because I knew how much she was a fan and how proud she would be that I was part of this production. Plus, I also called her because I knew she read the book and I had not read it yet and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t naked in it because I wanted my family to see the movie.

LT: Tell me about your character?

VR: José Rodríguez es el clásico "tipo" que no puede conquistar a la muchacha que quiere. (José is the typical guy who can't get the girl he likes). José and Anastasia meet because their fathers served together in Vietnam War and they had known each other since they were young. José starts liking Anastasia when they were in school, which was also when the whole photography started.

LT: What did you like the most about your character?

VR: The thing I love about my character is that he plays against the stereotype and doesn’t act like the typical "machista" man. In the movie he kind of gets his heart broken when he sees that she didn’t like him the way he liked her. After he gets his heart broken instead of saying "forget that girl" or "whatever, I am never going to talk to her again," he works towards maintaining that friendship. Regardless of his feelings that to him meant much more than anything else. So, the fact that he doesn’t act like the typical guy when he gets his heart bruised to me was appealing about the character.

LT: How was it working with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan?

VR: It was amazing working with them and the whole production and cast. They all wanted the movie to be as much as possible as the book and to them it was important that they portrayed that. Everyone was on the same page and it was refreshing to be on a set where everyone was as dedicated to make this movie a success the same way the book was a success.

LT: As the only Latino in this project, how does it feel for you being part of this production?

VR: Para ser actor uno tiene que trabajar bien duro. Pero me siento orgulloso de representar a los Latinos. (To be an actor you have to work very hard. But I feel very proud to represent Latinos.)

LT: Are you a Dominant or Submissive? Have you or would you ever use sex toys?

VR: You know what’s funny I really don’t know when it comes to specifics of that but I would be open to using toys. I can’t tell you which ones I would use but I am an open minded person. In the past I probably wouldn’t have but the movie gives you a lot of ideas. But I am definitely open minded in regards to that now.

LT: What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

VR: Valentine’s Day is a special time when you tell your significant other that you care about them and you show them that in the most romantic way possible. Whatever romantic means for that person of course but make it special.

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