In a sickening report, a 24-year-old man allegedly killed her mother who refused to give her money in South Africa. Even more appalling, the suspect who admitted guilt also drank his mother’s blood afterward.

The victim was identified as Kedisaletse Elizbeth Moswane. She was killed last May 9 by the accused, known as Thabang Mosoane.

Mosoane, 24, pleaded guilty to stabbing her mother multiple times and then drinking her blood because the 53-year-old woman refused to give him money.

The 24-year-old was arrested in the town of Koster, in North West province, South Africa. It was also added that the entire thing was witnessed by his twin brother.

On the day of the crime, police arrived at the family’s residence and found the body of Moswane punctured with several stab wounds. Mosoane was found as well covered in blood.

The woman was allegedly found with a stab wound to the neck, said to be in the style of a vampire. The 24-year-old was asking for money so he could buy cannabis.

"I want to plead guilty and finalize the matter," Mosoane reported said before the Koster Magistrate Court on Monday, May 30.

Among those present during the hearing were Mosoane’s two aunts. It was reported that the 24-year-old nephew glared at them often.

Outside court, the aunts demanded that Thabang be locked in prison for life, branding it as one of the worse sins in the country.

“He is the one who killed his mother and drank her blood,” one aunt, named Naomi, batted. "The court must not even attempt to grant him bail. He must go to prison for a long time."

According to the other aunt, Bertha, Thabang was a problematic child. She also added that the brother of the accused, Thabo, vowed to never accept any apology for the horrific act done by his Thabang.

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