A group of Australian women found themselves facing a pleasant surprise on Thursday, Dec. 2, when they learned that they had won the $80-million jackpot of the Powerball, the third time an $80-million top prize has been claimed this year.

Fifty-five women and gym buddies who all frequent the ladies-only gym Curves Heathridge at Perth, Australia pooled together money to buy the winning ticket, meaning they can each get over $1.5 million to $1.6 million of the money, according to Perth Now.

“I have just had the greatest morning ringing people to tell them they have won $1.5 million. There’s still about 10 people I haven’t been able to get hold of yet,” Sue, the owner of the gym, said.

Many of the winners were together at a Christmas dinner when they realized that they had the winning numbers for the Dec. 2 Powerball drawing. The winning women started celebrating together, buying champagne from the restaurant they were dining in, ABC News reported.

“I think it's marvelous that it's been spread around to so many people,” Lorna, nicknamed “Lucky” Lorna by the press, said. She had also won a different kind of lottery last year where she won a Hyundai Kona.

“I know each and every one of these women and they are all the loveliest, kindest people who meet at our gym, which is more than a gym — it's like a little social club for middle-aged women,” she continued.

Each of the women pitched in $5 for the ticket. Meanwhile, officials running the lottery are happy with the result of the Powerball and for the fifty-five gym members who won, Nine News Australia reported.

“This was the third $80 million Powerball draw of 2021. In April this year, two New South Wales players shared the $80 million jackpot walking away with $40 million each,” Matt Hart, spokesperson for the Lott, said. “And then in August, a North Melbourne dad scooped up $80 million when he held the only division one winning entry in that draw.”

“We've re-written the history books for WA Lotto tonight with this incredible result,” acting Lotterywest CEO Jeremy Hubble. “It also contributes to a fast-growing tally of Division One winners across the State in 2021 which has reached 64.”

Fifty-five women in Australia found themselves millionaires when the ticket that their group bought for the Powerball lottery ended up winning them $80 million. This is a representational image. Alejandro Garay/Unsplash.

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